How to Sell, Plan, and Measure Social Media to the Non-Believers

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By Beacon News | Published November 19, 2010 | Categories: Google Analytics

The Sale

If you are trying to convince your boss or clients to jump aboard the social media train, you need to present the metrics first and foremost.  Who cares what everyone else is doing?  You must make sure that you are entering these networks for the right reasons.  For example, if the most important goal of your website and online, paid campaigns is email address collections, you should be certain that you market and measure them in the social networks in which you choose to engage.  If you have a retail store whose main goal is to increase in-store foot traffic, you also need to be sure that you market and measure your engagement responses in the social networks, too.  Social media is not the blank check that will solve all your money problems. Instead, it is more the savings bond your grandparents give you that is not worth much initially, but over time really pays off!  With social media you, are building relationships, brand awareness, and loyalty, which ultimately will result in higher conversion.

The Plan

In order to create the best social media strategy for the company you have in mind, what you should do first is figure out the right channels to engage.  You also need to remind yourself, your clients, and your team members that social media is not just marketing;  such words are a big understatement.  Social media involves marketing, customer service, human resources, a frequently-asked-questions hotspot, etc. When you begin your Facebook page, you are not just the person to post 60% content, 40% promotional offers; you are representing the whole brand, and when someone leaves a question on the company wall, you better research and provide the answer.  Do not expect the visitor to call a number.  He or she came to you, so you must understand that it is your responsibility to assist the individual.

Additionally, when you develop exclusive content, promotions, and offers, which I think you should do since you must provide some type of positive reinforcement to join and follow you, make sure you consider what your followers and fans expect.  Remember:  it is not what you think you want to sell; it is all about what they want to buy.

The Measuring

The best way to measure, track, and promote the benefits will still always reflect upon money.  Your boss, clients, and you (if you are smart enough) should never get lost in how “cool Twitter can be.”  Instead, you need to make sure to keep your eye on your goal to measure and increase your ROI.  Numerous people forget that their websites are the greatest marketing strategies they have; social media is just another tool in your workshop of success.

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