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By Beacon News | Published September 22, 2010 | Categories: PPC


Is that the search query you were looking for?

Google Instant allows you to get to the right content faster because you don't have to finish typing  in your full search term.  You get instant feedback during your search. Would that cause some search visitors to hit enter and conclude a query before there is a more exact match to the keyword they are looking for?

In our analytics, we noticed that during the course of a query some hits were being picked up as only partial keyword searches. Apparently, some search visitors are believing they have concluded a search query when they have actually not.

For example, let's say I want to search for Christmas toys.

I start my query and get to the point below where I have typed in "christmas to" and not finished typing completely to "christmas toys".

On the screenshot above, you notice that there are not any sponsored results.

But if I complete typing, this is what happens...

Now above, sponsored ads fill up the top and right sections of the screen.

What this means is that a window of opportunity exists (albeit perhaps a small one!)  during the course of a search query for top ad positioning by bidding on a exact match for [christmas to] . Suppose that after bidding on the close match, the real possibility exists for searchers catching sight of my ad, stopping the query before completion,  and clicking on the ad. The brief moment of top ad position is  likely far cheaper than bidding on "christmas toys" and might be worth the effort for the traffic you receive.

People say that giving is better than receiving, but that is certainly not the case with AdWords.

I wonder how modifed broad matches variants behave?

Let's get to work!

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