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Where's the Link Love?

By Beacon News | December 31, 2009

Before I meet a new prospect, I go out to their Web site and mouse through the releases and various news tidbits tucked away in their online press room. I guess my ten years spent in public relations has made me biased towards the importance of a well-stocked press room on a company's public Web site, but honestly every single press release you throw up there, if written correctly, can become a potential Web page.

Podcast interview with Shaun Ryan, SLI Systems' CEO

By Mark Dirks | December 28, 2009

You never know how the final version of an interview will turn out, but I thought this turned out pretty good. We cover a lot of information about eCommerce, search engine marketing and site search that many readers may find informative. Enjoy!

Who Am I?

By Beacon News | December 17, 2009

Websites come in many sizes, with the content as varied as the people who developed them.  Some are strictly content while some are eCommerce and heavy transactional.  It doesn’t matter the technology used to create the site, whether it be DotNet, ASP, PHP or even Java Based I have been used in all of them.

Keeping the "Social" in Social Media

By Beacon News | December 17, 2009

The companies Rockler and Woodcraft offer an interesting comparison involving Twitter.  Both companies are stalwarts in the woodworking industry, roughly the same size, have similar web sites, and both started tweeting almost a year ago (Rockler began in December 2008,  Woodcraft got started in January of 2009). 

So You Say You Want A Resolution?

By Beacon News | December 16, 2009

Put on your party hat it’s that time of year! Each of us has the chance to make some bold changes for our 2010 marketing assault. I don’t know about you, but the recession knocked some proactive sense into my thick head this past year.

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