Who Got an Iphone for Christmas?

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By Beacon News | Published December 8, 2009 | Categories: Web Development

There was a time when .mobi domains were expected to take off.  A .mobi version of a website made viewing websites on a cell phone a lot easier since many cell phone screens had the same dimensions as a Tic Tac box. Created with cell phones in mind, .mobi websites had to be optimized to be viewed on a mobile phone. Creating a .mobi website lead to a lot of redundancy since the .com version of the domain had all of the content already.

With the improved usability of mobile phones made popular by the iPhone, we no longer need to see the web on specially optimized .mobi websites. Which is a good thing. No one really wanted to create another version of their website.

So who got an iPhone for Christmas?

From one of our ecommerce websites, SportsNutShop,  Google Analytics provides us an indication of the increasing popularity of the iPhone.

Obviously, iPhone users are increasing. We had several recent ecommerce transactions on SportsNutShop via iPhones.

Looking forward to a new year and a whole new world wide web of iPhone users.

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