Who Am I?

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By Beacon News | Published December 17, 2009 | Categories: Web Development

Websites come in many sizes, with the content as varied as the people who developed them.  Some are strictly content while some are eCommerce and heavy transactional.  It doesn’t matter the technology used to create the site, whether it be DotNet, ASP, PHP or even Java Based I have been used in all of them.

  I am probably more prevalent in transactional web sites but it is hard to imagine I have not been used in some content only sites.  I can make your programming much easier when used properly, but I can also frustrate you and make debugging a little tricky to find that I am the problem.  I am like the genie that appears when you rub the bottle, I am there by a mere mention of my name. 

I hold data for you.  You had better not need the data very long after you summon me because I don’t live very long and therefore I am better used when a response from the website user is not needed. 

One last clue: You cannot bake or eat me.

Who am I?         

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