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By Beacon News | Published December 3, 2008 | Categories: Web Development

The Right Place

Prior to interviewing with Beacon Technologies in 2006, I researched the company both on its own public website and other sources.  As a professional with 15 years of IT experience, you might think that what appealed to me was Beacon's impressive client list, project portfolio, and ranking as one of the top web-development firms in the Triad.  While these are impressive accomplishments that I definitely appreciated, what really caught my eye was the 2006 award from Working Mothers magazine for our article on the top 25 best small companies for working mothers.

Beacon was recognized for “a commitment to productivity, happiness and overall job-satisfaction, plus the creativity to establish workplace practices that women really value."  As a mother of two that also attempts the sometimes Herculean task of working full-time outside the home, Beacon's flexible work schedule, option to periodically telecommute, generous medical benefits and overall family-oriented environment told me that this was where I needed to be.

So, two years later, here I am with a challenging and satisfying career in an industry I love AND a healthy work/life balance and I know that I couldn't possibly do it without these "family-friendly" opportunities.

The article "Why Women Leave IT" indicates that women in the IT field are leaving the industry at an alarming rate.  Why?  Some research, like the Harvard Review's "Why women quit technology careers", suggests that factors like sexism, isolation, and lack of female mentors and management account for much of this drop-off.  However, in my mind, one of the major issues is that the demands of an inflexible work environment are incongruous to a positive family life.

I strongly believe that a company that has “a commitment to productivity, happiness and overall job-satisfaction" is going to pass on those same high ideals on to its customers.  Beacon puts its money where its mouth is as far as employee job-satisfaction, and I think its customers reap the benefits.  We like working here, so we work really hard to produce results that we, and our clients, can be proud of.

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