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Your website is a 24/7 sales and marketing tool. Make it work harder for you.

Want to improve your SEO or PPC results? Need to validate your Google Analytics tracking? Want to learn how to make your Higher Ed website more effective? Frustrated with the number of leads or sales your website is producing? Beacon's FREE audits can help.

Beacon's 33-point audits provide valuable feedback that you can use immediately.  These are NOT automated reports!  Each audit is performed by a real design and/or marketing expert who rates 33 specific areas and provides solid, actionable insights to put you back on the road to growth. 

Website Audits


Increased enrollment and site usability starts here.

Find accessibility issues. Make your site more searchable. Go Responsive. Improve site tracking and marketing.


Optimize your sales pipeline.

Is your sales funnel optimized? Could your SEO be improved? Do you maintain a consitent brand? Are you missing sales opportunities? Find out with an e-commerce site audit.

Lead Generation

Convert more traffic into leads.

Are your calls-to-action clear? Are you missing conversion opportunities? How could the user experience be improved? Find out with a lead generation site audit.

Digital Marketing Audits


Unlock the power in your data.

Confirm data accuracy. Gain valuable insights. Get tracking recommendations. Make your business more profitable by using Google Analytics to its fullest potential.


Reach more customers.

Google changes its search algorithm 400+ times a year. Does your site follow Google’s current best practices? What enhancements could improve your SEO?

Paid Search ("PPC")

Improve your ROI.

The average advertiser gets $2 for every $1 spent on PPC. Beacon get $5 for every $1. Discover the opportunities your current PPC manager is missing.
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