College Boosts Student Enrollment Through Improved Website Usability

Beacon Improves the Design and User Flow, Enabling A Seminary School to Gain Over 50% More Conversions.

Client Facts:

  • Theological Seminary established in 1951
  • 2700+ Total Student Body


  • Modern Design to target prospective young undergraduates
  • Make the Site more User-Friendly
  • Improve Search Features

Challenge: The client wished to improve the user experience while addressing a primary target audience, prospective graduate students in their late 20's to early 30's. At the same time, they did not want to lose focus of their secondary recruiting target, prospective undergrads coming out of high school interested in a liberal arts degree. With the growth of online learning and higher-education websites' role as a resource for students, the client needed a comprehensive and multi-featured design. Special emphasis was needed on improved search features, an updated, modern look and feel, and ease of use. 

Business Solution: Revolving Flash images were added to the home page enahance and modernize the look and feel of the website while enabling the client to update images directly from the CMS, without having to make any Flash code changes.
Usability was also addressed in the Multimedia section. Administrators are now able to upload a variety of different
audio and video files, any of which automatically convert to Flash JQuery format for display on the public site.

Beacon designed role-based navigation for the home page, creating better user experience by focusing more directly on the user type. The new navigation makes it easy to connect with the university website via multiple social media outlets, apply to the school, while keeping ongoing events and news always at one's fingertips. With the use of widgets, students can find the information they need without ever leaving the home page, while helping drive more traffic and engagement on social networks. 

The newly designed CMS makes it easy to display pop-up status messages at a moment's notice while giving the administrator the flexibility to create additional microsites for each department within the university, should a department head desire a unique look.

Results: Within months of implementing these changes, traffic referrals from social networks almost doubled and the university president reported record high enrollment and "another expected record enrollment in the coming months."