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Website search optimization involves many small changes that factor into a bigger picture. That bigger picture has a huge impact on how your website is perceived by the search engines. At Beacon, we study intensely the many signals that the search engine algorithms gather as well as the many different elements that make up a satisfying total user experience.

Going beyond just meta tags, one of the factors that affect website optimization involves creating quality content. Its quality content that is fresh and unique that captures not only new visitors but the search engine’s attention as well. With website optimization, making your quality content easily accessible to the search engines is our main goal. Our marketing team focuses too on keywords and anchor text links that accurately describe the content to help the search engines effectively understand what the content is about and position your keywords higher in the search rankings.   

Optimization together with high-level analysis can improve the crawling and indexing of your site to produce increasingly larger amounts of traffic volume and conversions.  Beacon makes the absolute most of analytical tools like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to achieve the best performance results.

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"Many companies say they can help with SEO and site enhancement yet it's very difficult to know if they know what they're doing or not. With Beacon we knew they were specialists right from the start."

Valerie Kratky
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