Cascade CMS Development & Support

Beacon evaluated dozens of content management products over the years and selected Cascade CMS (a Hannon Hill product) because of its scalable architecture, powerful yet approachable feature set, flexibility, customer service, SEO friendliness, digital marketing support capabilities and product roadmap.

Cascade CMS is the CMS of choice for over 250 organizations, including 200+ higher education institutions and it powers thousands of websites world-wide.  It is the most trusted web content management system for higher education website development, but it is also used extensively in healthcare, government, technology and most of our small business clients.

In Higher Education, Cascade CMS provides the freedom to manage multiple campus websites.  It is designed for any network environment, provides a content contributor-friendly interface, deployment flexibility, robust multi-site management and a fast implementation.  Furthermore, Cascade CMS helps enforce consistent branding and a standard look and feel across the entire web ecosystem.

As Hannon Hill’s #1 development & implementation partner, Beacon has implemented this platform for over 70 customers, including Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Texas A&M Foundation, University of Wyoming, North Carolina A&T University, Winston Salem State University, Syracuse University and many others.

With Cascade CMS, you also get Spectate, a powerful centralized content marketing tool.  It puts you on the cutting-edge of website analytics and content marketing with social media, A/B testing, landing pages and form conversions to track the effectiveness of your new website initiatives.  Spectate was created based on feedback from the higher education community and no other CMS offers anything comparable.

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"Again, I'm completely BLOWN AWAY! This is great stuff...."

Robin Staley
The Princeton Review

"Compared to the site we've been working on for the past year, the site that Beacon is building (with all their expertise and experience) is much easier for the end users."

Kevin J. Bailey
Whitman School, Syracuse University