Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new "word of mouth", which is the best endorsement of your product and services.  Your customers are regularly engaged in social media, deeply networked and regularly discussing products, services and other information.

Why is this important?  Because they could be endorsing your product or possibly slamming it.  Either way, it's an opportunity to engage people about your product.  Beacon is here to help you create a following and be "liked" within the online communities like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and more.  Done right, SMM generates excitement and curiosity around your brand.  It creates awareness with new customers, right where they already play on a daily basis.

With audience and competitor knowledge in mind, we develop a custom social media marketing strategy to jump start your program, and continuously grow it.  Each program is unique and may include posting of comments, articles, blog entries, and links on behalf of your company.  We keep you informed as to the progress and status of your SMM program, while constantly refining the strategy based on results, strengths, weaknesses and new opportunities.

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"Again, I'm completely BLOWN AWAY! This is great stuff...."

Robin Staley
The Princeton Review

"Compared to the site we've been working on for the past year, the site that Beacon is building (with all their expertise and experience) is much easier for the end users."

Kevin J. Bailey
Whitman School, Syracuse University