SEO Marketing & Optimization

Make no mistake about it.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires real experience and deep knowledge of best practices to be effective.  A solid SEO strategy and SEO management plan is at the core of the digital marketing services we provide to our customers. 

Regardless of who handles your SEO services, make sure they know what they are doing.  Why?  When it's done right, it will be your most cost-effective web marketing channel.  When it’s done poorly or unethically, your site could vanish from the search engines.  It's just not worth the risk.

With Beacon, you will also benefit from a variety of industry-leading tools that we have purchased and/or licensed to give our clients an edge when competing for rankings, reach and results.  Our seoClarity license is a tremendous advantage for our clients.  It provides sophisticated reporting capabilities, but more importantly, it allows us to stay on top of ranking changes within your domain (and your competitors), obtain actionable insights and increase visibility in the SERPs though recommended key phrases.  Coupling this with Google Analytics provides a powerful 1-2 punch!

SEO Page Optimization

On-page optimization involves the SEO factors that website developers and digital marketers can influence directly.  These factors are coupled with off-page factors when search engines analyze and rank your website.  On-page factors include created content, HTML structure, website architecture, internal link structure, URL strings and much more.  With these factors in mind, Beacon tunes your website and builds special SEO landing pages that focus on the critical key phrases for your business.  This is what increases the chances of your website landing at the top of a search results page.  

Beacon-developed websites get off to a good start because our marketing and development teams collaborate to deliver SEO-friendly sites using best practices.  We optimize content through good keyword research.  We optimize HTML by utilizing meta-tags properly and HTML titles.  We make sure the internal link structure allows search engines to easily crawl the site and that filenames contain important keywords.  Like all your other digital marketing channels, SEO Page optimization is a continuous process of assessing, tuning, executing and repeating in order to stay ahead and grow.

SEO page optimization MUST be done properly because search engines will penalize your website for over-manipulation of SEO tactics.  A good SEO program will drive the most traffic to your website, so make sure you do it right.  It's simply not worth the risk.

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"Again, I'm completely BLOWN AWAY! This is great stuff...."

Robin Staley
The Princeton Review

"Compared to the site we've been working on for the past year, the site that Beacon is building (with all their expertise and experience) is much easier for the end users."

Kevin J. Bailey
Whitman School, Syracuse University