Paid Search Marketing & Optimization

As certified Google Advertising Professionals for 15+ years, Beacon's PPC Management solutions deliver lead generating paid search campaigns that target your customers among the millions of internet search engine users.  We are fixated on measuring the effectiveness of your pay-per-click campaigns by tracking and analyzing key metrics to gain insights, testing ad copy, improving click through rates and producing new ideas to continually optimize results.  Our PPC management programs include keyword analysis, quality score management, copywriting, bid management, conversion optimization, analytics & tracking, technical integration, monthly reporting and ongoing consultation.

Remarketing is hot!  It has become an extremely effective paid search tactic for our clients over the last couple of years.  It allows you to continue to show ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app.  If someone views a particular product or abandons their shopping cart, you can continue to market to them even after they leave your site.

PPC Page Optimization

Allocating a budget for your paid search campaigns can be a bit scary.  It can be chewed up in minutes if you don't know what you are doing.  So once you get your campaigns running, it becomes an ongoing PPC page optimization process.  This means that you are managing, assessing, testing, refining and steadily improving your results by optimizing your campaigns, ad groups, ads, budget, key phrases and landing pages.

When managed correctly, pay-per-click campaigns can be very productive in driving highly qualified visitors to your website.  Most of Beacon's digital marketing customers participate in paid search programs that we manage, track and optimize regularly. 

Performing A/B testing on your ads and introducing negative key phrases improve results, but we believe the most important focus should be on landing page optimization.  Develop these pages with PPC visitors in mind.  Optimize various "call-to-action" elements.  Good PPC landing pages are designed to be very relevant and consistent with the actual campaign ads.  Remember that Google's goal is to put the best, most relevant results in front of searchers.  So they assign a Quality Score to landing pages when positioning ads in search results.  High quality landing pages can sometimes help your ads get placed above ads with higher bid amounts. 

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