Our Approach

Beacon has provided hosting (not outsourced) to nearly all of its clients since the company started in 1998.  Now, with hundreds of domains to manage and thousands of email accounts, Beacon continues to manage all of its own servers (dedicated and shared), typically with development, test and production environments to facilitate best practices in change management for websites. 

Our approach is straightforward in that Beacon’s hosting services are provided as a value-added service to simplify and expedite website development and maintenance, as well as digital marketing deployment.  We believe that it’s a tremendous advantage to have a single firm support all three of these areas since all are tightly integrated.  Not only does this keep the overall cost down, but customers can call a single support number for assistance.

Beacon provides several standard shared hosting plans that include more than sufficient bandwidth and disk space, email account management, SSL certificates, site transfers, Barracuda spam filtering, a variety of service level agreements and much more.  Beacon’s engineers will work with you to determine the best hosting package for your specific business and technical needs.

Connect with Us

"Many companies want to race through requirements elicitation, but not the Beacon team. The extra time we spent on analysis paid enormous dividends throughout the remainder of the project."

Mark Dengler
Project Manager/Business Analyst
New Jersey Resources