ASSESSMENTS: Insightful feedback from our experts

Beacon's 33-point assessments provide valuable feedback that you can use immediately.  These are NOT automated reports!  Each assessment is performed by a real digital marketing expert, who rates 33 specific areas and provides solid, actionable insights based on their specific findings.

Review the results during a free one-hour consultation with your reviewer and discover other cool ideas to get more from your digital marketing efforts.

  • SEO Assessment

    SEO AssessmentIs my SEO strategy effective?  An SEO Assessment will quickly reveal your strengths and weaknesses - arming you with actions to immediately get better SEO results.  An SEO Specialist will evaluate keyword targeting, site structure (on-page and off-page), tags, authority, your webmaster tools utilization and several other key areas with respect to best practices in SEO.  You will receive a copy of the completed assessment and discuss findings and recommendations directly with the SEO Specialist.

  • Paid Search Marketing Assessment (PPC)

    Paid Search Marketing Assessment (PPC)Can I get more from my Paid Ads?  A PPC Assessment covers many critical areas in one report to reveal what you are doing well and what needs attention with your paid search marketing strategy.  A PPC Specialist will evaluate your account configuration, budget, conversion results, campaigns, groups and keywords, bid settings, product integration, display and negative placements, as well as review your change history.  You will receive a copy of the completed PPC Assessment, which may validate your current practices or point you to some much needed improvements.

  • Google Analytics Assessment

    Paid Search Marketing Assessment (PPC)Is Google Analytics setup effectively for my business?  A Google Analytics Assessment is probably the most important one to request, especially if you depend on GA for business decisions.  Make sure that you are on a solid foundation and aware of all the possibilities.  As a long-term Google Analytics Certified Partner, you can count on a our experts to evaluate your setup, configuration, feature utilization, source tagging, Google product integration (webmaster tools, Adwords) and review advanced features.  In doing so, we'll assess the most important features like site search, filtering, ecommerce tracking, segmentation, social integration, advanced segments, custom reports, goal setup, conversion funnels, event tracking and goal paths.  Whether your Google Analytics implementation is feature-rich, or basic, have our GA Expert help you get the most out of this powerful and extremely valuable tool.

  • Social Media Marketing Assessment

    Social Media Marketing AssessmentWith so many different social channels, am I using them effectively?  A Social Media Assessment gives you a quick, structured view of your social media marketing efforts.  We focus on the primary social media channels to identify areas of strength and opportunity for your business based on our extensive experience in best practices.  A Social Media Specialist will evaluate your setup in the appropriate social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs, Pinterest, etc.  The content, promotions, structure, activity and ads will be assessed, along with how social media integrates with your website.  There's a lot to consider with your social media marketing strategy.  Know how you stack up!  Our Specialist rates the critical areas and provides valuable insights and recommendations that you can apply immediately to move ahead.

  • Email Marketing Assessment

    Email Marketing AssessmentHow effective are my email marketing efforts and what can I do better?  An Email Marketing Assessment provides valuable feedback to both validate current practices and identify new opportunities.  Beacon's Email Marketing Specialist will evaluate your account setup, general practices, feature utilization and integration to grade 33 different critical areas.  With your assessment in hand, coupled with a discussion with your Reviewer, you will have expert insights and recommendations to make your email marketing strategy even more successful.  Learn about call-to-action optimization.  Get ideas on how to grow your email list. Discuss the importance of landing page optimization.  Learn more about custom workflows, behavior-based triggers, re-mailing, social sharing and much more.

  • Ecommerce Conversion Assessment

    Ecommerce Conversion AssessmentHow can I turn more shoppers into buyers?  A Digital Marketing Specialist will evaluate critical elements in the buying process that are factors in closing more sales.  By taking a close, integrated look at the checkout funnel, navigation, site search, images, product detail pages, product offering, product listing pages, shopping cart, design and other important areas, opportunities for improvement will be identified.  Just a slight increase in your conversion rate could equate to significant new revenue!  During the review of your ecommerce conversion assessment, share your concerns and obtain some valuable insights so you can get more from the traffic you already have.

  • Lead Generation Marketing Assessment

    Lead Generation Marketing AssessmentShould my website be generating more leads?  A Digital Marketing Specialist will evaluate your website's conversion funnels, navigation, site search, home page, contact page(s), landing pages, design, analytics and lead generation features to validate practices and more importantly, identify opportunities to drive more leads to your business.  After 15+ years in the web solutions industry, we've seen all kinds of websites and all kinds of lead generation tactics.  Some work.  Some don't.  Sometimes you just need a little tuning.  Get candid feedback from an industry expert, along with key insights and recommendations that you can apply immediately.

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