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Sometimes referred to as Internet marketing, or digital marketing, it is important to know that search engine marketing specifically covers all aspects of creating a greater brand presence with respect to any and all search engine result opportunities. Within search engine marketing is search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Those two can be broken down into more specific disciplines, and are best illustrated by the chart on the left. The result of quality, comprehensive search engine marketing is relevant presence among most or all of the search engine results sections listed above in the right hand column.

Primary Search Results

Up until Google’s unveiling of AdWords in 2000, that list solely consisted of primary search results. Today, basic SEO is not enough to place a brand in the forefront of a user’s search experience. The basic blocking and tackling of SEO best practices helps create a solid foundation. Most importantly, building a strong presence in the primary search results relies on a highly focused list of keyword phrases that best fit your intended audience.

Local SEO Listings

If your business has a local/regional audience, then you can expect geotargeted searches. Part of the search results for geotargeted searches are local listings. These local listings link with each search engine’s map service. In order to gain more visibility with local and map searches, your business listing for those services must be fully optimized.

Image Optimization

Over time, search engines such as Google and Bing have been integrating image results in their regular search results pages for more and more keyword categories. So, the opportunity for image visibility in search has been growing. This is especially critical for product and location based businesses. It can be easy to overlook image optimization, but also fruitful if given the proper attention. Be sure that your CMS offers great configuration tools for images.

Video Search Results

Along with the growth of social media, video has become a preferred medium for many businesses to promote their brands. The value of video goes beyond social media. With YouTube being the second most popular search engine, and with other major search engines integrating video results, this is a dynamic medium for search engine marketing. Businesses can promote their brands through video for a fraction of the cost of traditional TV commercials. Be careful to not foresake quality, especially audio, when developing your video strategy.

News Search Results

If your business goes beyond product/services promotion, and creates news articles, it is worth pursuing a news source designation with services such as Google News. A presence in news search results, which are also integrated into traditional SERPs when appropriate, helps boost brands as authorities. Be able to provide timely news content and a commitment to journalistic standards.

PPC Text Ads

Still occupying a majority of the paid space on search results pages are text ads. Even more important is that the major search engines give precedent to paid space before traditional SEO results on the SERPs. Text ads for PPC are a critical part of search engine marketing. They provide visibility in search results where a company’s SEO has not broken ground. Also, data analysis and ROI measurement can be conducted at length in the major search engines’ PPC platforms.

Product Listing Ads

A great option for eCommerce sites, product listing ads provide an efficient and visually appealing presence in the search engine results. For businesses with competitive prices and quality product images, product listing ads help generate quality prospect traffic. The ads are typically located in the top right corner of the search results page, and provide one of the best eye-catching options in search engine marketing.

Local Listing Ads

For businesses in highly competitive local and regional markets, organic local optimization is probably not enough. Engaging in local listing ads for search engine marketing helps increase impression share of the business listings associated with a search engine’s map. There are two ways to promote local listings through ads. First, there are location extensions that can be added to text advertisements, showing your physical location in the searcher’s geographic area. Second, your business could try local listing ads promoted through a service like Google AdWords Express. This adds your businesses geo-listing to a regular search results page that incorporates map results.

Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing

If you feel that Internet marketing is not providing the traffic and revenue it could, check your search engine marketing mix. Perhaps not enough of these aspects of search engine marketing are being utilized. When engaging many, or all, of these search engine marketing strategies, a business can boost its brand as an authority and its visibility in the market for relevant prospects. To start a discussion about boosting your search engine marketing impact, contact us today.
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