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One can argue which plays a greater role in SEO, intuitive "out of the box" thinking or data driven analysis. Perhaps it's equal parts of each. Regardless of which way you lean, one thing is for sure - While SEO is based on data and analysis, what separates skillful search engine experts from pretenders is the ability to use intuition and experienced hunches to help one organization gain an advantage over its online competition.

It is much easier to sell SEO services than it is to deliver on them so before deciding on an SEO partner, here are a few ways to find someone you can trust with your online profile.

Know Your Online Requirements

Colleges and Universities have much different needs than ecommerce sites, for instance. Define your needs. Is it more important to increase traffic or boost product-level conversions? Will technical expertise be a requirement as your site and business grow? Make sure you identify an SEO firm with abilities in the areas you identify as important.

Attend Conferences

Often, SEO firms are represented at various national conferences such as SES or the Google Analytics Summit. Attending these conferences offers you an opportunity to meet face to face for in depth discussion regarding the seo firm's strengths and weaknesses and how those apply to your specific needs. Its also a great way to see if there is a philosophical match. SEO firms can get caught up in traffic numbers or rankings and lose sight of the end game - increasing bottom line revenues.

Beware of SEO firms who use questionable tactics

Avoid SEO firms who buy links or use cloaking techniques. Not only are these tactics meant to deceive search engines but ultimately could cause irreparable harm to your site and your bottom line.

At Beacon, we take the time to understand your business and unique requirements. Together, we develop a strategy to address your specific needs and priorities. We only use techniques and best practices considered acceptable by Google to ensure the health of your website for the long term.

While creative thinking is important, nothing is possible without strong data. Beacon is one of a select few Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACP) in North America.

In addition, Beacon Technologies enjoys an excellent reputation among college and university administrators nationwide as we've been working with higher education for over 15 years. Strengths in ecommerce are well documented as well, as evidenced by our extensive and diverse client list.

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"Many companies say they can help with SEO and site enhancement yet it's very difficult to know if they know what they're doing or not. With Beacon we knew they were specialists right from the start."

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