Managed Services

In addition to a wide variety of web hosting packages to fit your specific business, Beacon also provides IT Managed Services that includes the services listed below. Many of our clients count on Beacon to

  • purchase & install new equipment,
  • apply updates to desktop software to always stay current,
  • provide infrastructure consulting for expansion and consolidation, 
  • provide remote server monitoring to identify issues and apply fixes expeditiously,
  • manage the inventory of PCs, servers, hardware, software, etc.

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  • Desktop Support & Management: Complete managed solution to support desktop workstations in your company. It all about dependable, proactive support to make sure that your computers are operating properly and securely.  Monitoring agents continuously scan your computers and servers for potential issues. If an issue is sensed, our technical support team is alerted. The objective is to constantly monitor and maintain the health of every desktop workstation and server in your organization to prevent costly downtime.
  • Microsoft Patch Management: As software and security patches become available from Microsoft, we apply them consistently and regularly to all servers and desktop workstations to keep you up-to-date.
  • Desktop & Data Security: Rest easy about the safety and integrity of the information on your desktop servers. Beacon keeps your anti-virus software up to date to protect your computers from the latest Internet risks.
  • Inventory of PC Hardware: Automated tools allow us to keep track of the hardware and software associated with each workstation and server. This organized approach helps keep everything current and your systems operating smoothly.
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"Many companies want to race through requirements elicitation, but not the Beacon team. The extra time we spent on analysis paid enormous dividends throughout the remainder of the project."

Mark Dengler
Project Manager/Business Analyst
New Jersey Resources