Offline Analytics

Today's websites are extremely complex, sales-driven and more than just a basic content site. Today's businesses are moving their stores from, brick and mortar locations to fully-online stores. If this is the case, it becomes a lot easier to gauge the success of  online marketing because transactions and transaction data is all processed on-site and fully integrated in Google Analytics. But this is not always so; most stores maintain their physical stores and move online simultaneously which can cause real problems in measuring digital success.

No matter how well we implement email marketing, paid search, search engine optimization or link building, the question of how to track offline conversions with Google Analytics would remain allusive. The biggest question mark in today's digital marketing landscape is the concept of offline analytics and how we can see how our online marketing impacts our offline sales...without matching sales records in complex spreadsheets for hours each day. 

Can I Just Use Universal Analytics?

Google's Universal Analytics seems to provide the best answer, by using an API to record offline transactions and attribute them back to a unique user ID. Problem is, the user has to carry that ID wherever they go. If they use multiple browsers or devices, the entire tracking method becomes diluted and the data becomes almost unusable. Others problems persist, such as sites not having a membership-sign-in feature, or users not signing in on every visit and even more technical issues that may arise with user IDs.

This is where GAFUSION™ comes in. GAFUSION™ enables you to evaluate offline transactions and user activity in Google Analytics just like you do for online transactions.  View them separately or combined with online transactions via unique GA profiles designed by our Google Analytics experts. GAFUSION™ also works with the Async code you probably already use. If you don’t want to update to Google’s Universal Analytics, you don’t have to. GAFUSION™ empowers you to make that decision for yourself.

With Beacon's help, we can give you the power to create your own offline analytics dashboard within your very own Google Analytics account. With only an email address GAFUSION™ can help bridge the gap between your online marketing efforts and online transactions with offline transactions and offline marketing efforts. 

Contact Beacon today to step though a demo and find out how a seamless transition to GAFUSION can provide you with the offline conversion information your business needs to flourish.

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"GAFUSION has been a valuable tool in being able to analyze our offline sales and how it relates to our online marketing efforts. We are now able to account for those offline transactions that came about from our online marketing campaigns. We have certainly been in need to link the two together and GAFUSION has helped us do that."

Deston Stephens
Marketing Director
Burton and Burton