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Maximizing your local search exposure on the web is imperative.  There was a time when a yellow pages listing was mandatory to get more visitors to your marketplace. But today, search engines are the place where your fingers do the walking. 

Local results are becoming more dominant in the search results. How dominant is your online local presence?  There is a good chance it could be better. Not only should Google Places a big part of your local marketing strategy, but Bing and Yahoo local should be part of your local strategy as well. 

Beacon Technologies can set you apart in the area of local search marketing and help deliver traffic to your business. Geo-targeting keywords and helping the search engines know about your location is a great way to drive visitors to your website. There are many different complicated avenues to take. Beacon will help you find them easily.  

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"Many companies say they can help with SEO and site enhancement yet it's very difficult to know if they know what they're doing or not. With Beacon we knew they were specialists right from the start."

Valerie Kratky
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