User Experience Analysis


67% of students say their experience on a university website affects their perception.


Does your website "wow" students, parents, alumni and faculty during their visits? Ask themdirectly to really learn how to improve their online experience. Our Higher Education surveys, focus group sessions and live online user testing get the answers, which may surprise you.  The Strategy Phase for College & Universities includes the following: 


Interviews and/or focus group sessions are conducted with selected key users or stakeholder groups (i.e.: Students (new, prospective, graduate), Undergraduate and International Admissions Directors, Marketing Directors, VP of Academic Affairs, Academic Deans and current students). 


Audience Email Surveys are created based on a standard set of questions for target audiences, along with some school-specific questions as needed.  Surveys are designed to take 10 minutes or less to complete and are limited to no more than 3 open-ended questions.  Surveys are distributed to an email list provided by the school and Beacon delivers a document with the details, consolidated summaries and insights.   


Live Online User Testing.  What do students, parents and other visitors actually experience? Online user tests show live recordings of how visitors navigate through your website to accomplish specific tasks.  See exactly where they struggle with content and special features while listening to their comments during these encounters.  A great way to continuously improve the website experience. 

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