User Engagement Analysis

22 million students will enroll in 5,300 institutions in 2016.


Is your website reaching & engaging the right people? What are the trends by audience, geography, marketing channel, device and season? Our Certified Google Analytics Strategists provide valuable insights into how students engage with key areas (admissions, academic programs, faculty, donor programs) based on these key variables.


Get a wealth of information via the following reports and services, as needed, that will shape future decisions for your college or university:


    • 3 Year History Report by Device & Marketing Channel
    • Device Utilization Map
    • Marketing Channel Utilization Map
    • Geographic Traffic Map
    • Seasonal Traffic Map
    • Heat Maps of your Top Tier Pages
    • Key Phrase Research
    • SEO Audit
    • Paid Search Audit
    • Site Search Analysis
    • Social Media Analysis
    • Google Analytics Audit
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