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Underneath your website is an integrated collection of software and hardware, which can include a wide variety of databases, programming languages, custom-built components, servers and 3rd party software for your content management, site search, analytics, forms, social media connectors and much more.  Beacon's main focus during the Higher Ed Technology Analysis is to assess the current CMS from a technical perspective to identify issues related to:

Content Migration:  If you are currently using Cascade CMS, then what we call a "facelift" can occur with the content basically staying in place, even if minor regorganization of the navigation occurs.

Site Search:  How is the current tool being used and if it is going to continue to be used with the new website, how will it be integrated into the CMS?

User-Completed Forms:  What software is being used to handle forms that are submitted online by students, parents and alumni?  How will these migrate to the new website?

3rd Party Interfaces:  Are there any direct connections to other systems, such as Common Admissions Applications, automated marketing platforms, alumni databases, event registration systems, etc., especially if they require secure access.

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