Why Cascade CMS for Higher Education?

Cascade CMS (by Hannon Hill) was selected as the 2015 Best Enterprise CMS and is the trusted CMS of choice by over 250 organizations, including 185+ higher education institutions and it powers thousands of websites world-wide. This includes a variety of universities such as Clemson University, Emory University, Auburn University and Miami University. While you may consider open-source products like Wordpress, there are very good reasons for colleges and universities to use proprietary software like Cascade CMS, which we address separately here.

There’s an old saying that choosing a vendor is like choosing a spouse.  You are looking for stability, a common vision, dependable support and a trustworthy relationship.  So choose wisely, because divorcing your CMS can be costly.

Beacon researched many CMS products and selected Cascade CMS as a partner because it is well-managed, with a dedication toward quality, flexibility and continuous evolution with new features.  In doing so, it is a dominant player in the Higher Education industry.  Beacon is now the #1 Development Partner for Hannon Hill and therefore, colleges & universities get a design and development team that fully understands the product and how to make sure your institution benefits from all of its features (faculty profiles, social media integration, calendars, data definitions, etc.). 

Hannon Hill’s content management solution gives Higher Education organizations the freedom to manage all their campus websites. It is designed for any network environment, provides a content contributor-friendly interface, and gives departments flexibility in deployment, robust multi-site management, and a fast implementation. Furthermore, it helps enforce consistent branding and a standard look and feel across your entire web ecosystem.

Cascade CMS code is inherently 508 compliant.  Having worked with Higher Ed and various U.S. Government agencies, Beacon has a deep understanding of Accessibility should you require any special compliance testing.

Cascade CMS’s architecture delivers content such that the files are in a fully self-contained format, which provides content independence from the CMS, allows easy archival or movement of files, simplifies upgrades and maintenance to one server, and boosts security and website uptime because the live website is decoupled from the CMS. 

We also like how Cascade CMS facilitates effective SEO management with stale content reports, custom metadata, search engine friendly URLs, automatic link-checking and much more.

Benefits For Contributing Users:

    • Browser-based editing & WYSIWYG authoring

    • One-click access to edit anywhere, anytime

    • Personalized dashboard

    • Content scheduling and reminders to update stale content

    • Automatic un-publishing without accessing the web server

    • Auto-saving of drafts

    • In-context Google Analytics to monitor content performance

    • Multi-lingual capabilities


Benefits For Marketing Users:

    • Enforce consistent branding by separating content from design

    • Repurpose content in RSS, PDF, print-friendly & mobile

    • Easy template creation with HTML5 support

    • Easy-to-use landing page and form builders

    • Social Connectors to Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and RSS

    • SEO scoring, search terms and keyword tracking

    • Comprehensive auditing, versioning, and workflow capabilities


Benefits For IT Users:

    • Multi-site management to decentralize content control and eliminate IT bottlenecks

    • Create unlimited users, groups, and roles

    • Permissions management to customize access rights

    • Award-winning support & product upgrades included

    • New System export for fast-tracked support

    • Site clone functionality for templating out new sites

    • Reproduce features & functionality from other sites and our default database with Site Import/Export

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