Your new website is now up-and-running for the world to see – prospective students and their parents, alumni, current students, faculty, donors, business owners, etc.  Was all that work and the investment worth it?  It better be.  Our goal at Beacon isn’t to simply deliver a website.  Just like you, we are proud of what we create.  We want to make sure that all that work, the design, the features, the content, the calls to action are delivering on your strategy and goals.  That’s why the website was redesigned, right?

So Beacon’s Strategy Team provides a 30-day and 90-day Progress Report to gauge success (visits, traffic flow, conversion, etc.) as compared to the baselines gathered during the Strategy Phase.  They review the data in Google Analytics to determine progress toward goals, gather valuable insights and pack it all into informative report. 

It’s also important to note that, once the project is complete, you can count on Beacon to provide continued support.  Beacon’s Preferred Client Services Group (“PCS”) is responsible for handling all maintenance requests from our many clients around the country.  We have a ticketing system such that all requests are logged and assigned to a Project Manager (typically the same PM that you worked with during the project).  You will always get a quick response from our PCS group, followed by a discussion with your PM to better understand the request.  Then we will provide a quote for your approval before performing any work. 

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