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Most universities have thousands of web pages and migrate the majority of them over to their new website.  Still, it’s a daunting task and typically the key factor in whether you make your launch date.  As we tell our customers, there’s no easy way around the fact that you must look at each page and make one of three choices:  (1) delete it, (2) change it, (3) move it as is.  So jump on your content as soon as possible. 

Content Strategy is critical nowadays.  During the Strategy Phase, as we are gathering requirements, evaluating data, and reviewing your current marketing and brand, we evaluate your existing content to build out your Site Hierarchy Diagram (content map).  During development, this diagram essentially becomes your table of contents.  We typically rely on our clients to write new content as they know their school or business better than us, but is some cases, we do bring in copywriters to assist. 

Here are some important elements for this time-consuming task:

    • SITE CONTENT MAP Restructure:  If Cascade CMS is already the CMS for your existing website, you can restructure the new Site Content Map from the previous site design/templates.  In other words, existing content will be re-organized under the new content architecture without necessarily having to touch every page (time saver!).
    • CONTENT IMPORT:  Beacon utilize a custom import tool to extract content from your current site and migrate it to the appropriate new website pages.  Note that this DOES NOT INCLUDE content integration (using new page elements, widgets) once the content is imported into each page. Beacon plans to migrate 100 pages with this project from the following 1 website(s):  <LIST OF WEBSITES TO BE IMPORTED.>
    • CONTENT INTEGRATION:  Once content is imported (or manually pasted) into the new website page, it may require manual integration into the various page elements and/or widgets contained in the template. 
    • NEW CONTENT ENTRY:  New content is entered directly into the template and the various page elements. 
    • CONTENT INTEGRATION TRAINING:  Beacon will train your staff to execute the content integration process (1 Trainer for standard 3 hr class).
    • CONTENT OWNER TRAINING:  Beacon offers training session(s) to your institution's Content Owners and/or Cascade CMS users.  A trainer will lead each session (est. 3 hours).  Custom training manuals are included for each template.
    • COPYWRITING:  We recommend that you handle your own copywriting internally and/or hire a 3rd party copywriter to oversee/write new content as needed.
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