Designing A Higher Ed Website

You’ve looked at the data, listened to the users and evaluated your current situation to produce a killer strategic plan for your institution’s new website.  Now you have to come up with a design that

    • conveys your messages succinctly,

    • engages many different audiences,

    • is visually appealing and feature-rich,

    • includes thousands of content pages,

    • is served across many different browsers and devices,

    • is easy and intuitive for visitors to navigate,

    • maintains your brand,

    • is 508 Compliant,

    • follows W3C best practices,

    • is SEO-friendly,

    • is easy to maintain by the institution’s content owners,

    • track activity by audience, geography, device, season and marketing channel,

    • sets you apart from your competitors,

    • and, all-the-while, performs effectively as the centerpiece of your marketing strategy.

By no means is this an easy task, which is why experience is essential.  Beacon’s Creative Design Team taps their experience and creative juices to custom-design the graphics around a well-conceived content map – while keeping all of these things in mind.

During the Design Phase, the High-Level Site Hierarchy Diagram that was started during the Strategy Phase, is refined and finalized.  Its purpose is to visually depict the navigation schema for the website.  It includes multiple navigation components (global, local, topical, utility), headers & footers.  It is not a complete content inventory of all pages, but focused on the home page and main navigation tiers to show the user-centered relationships between major content groups. 

The visual design of the website comes to life as creative elements move from concepts to wireframes to final creative designs in the form of layered Photoshop files and a web style guide.  Patterns of navigation, such as tabs, megamenus, carousels, accordions and other options are represented at this level of design for a clean and expeditious Development Phase.  Beacon guides you through this iterative and highly collaborative process to arrive at a unique, custom and device-friendly design.

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