Student Experience Analysis

Your website is your institution’s garden, where its beauty and bounty blooms.  Students come to smell the roses… and ultimately decide if they want to pick one.  What flowers catch their eye, and which need water, attention or pruning? 


When students, parents and alumni land on your website, they are "on campus".  How are you treating them?  Are they impressed?  Are they engaged?  You don't have to guess.  Ask them directly via interviews, online surveys and focus groups.  Better yet, record their experience via live online user tests. 


Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing efforts.  Give it maximum attention.  Don't waste the opportunity to make a great first impression. 


What do your students think about your website and other digital connections?  Ask them directly.  Learn from new students, graduate students and/or alumni via interviews, online surveys and/or focus group sessions that typically produce very interesting findings.   


What do students, parents and other visitors to your website actually experience? Online user tests show live recordings of how visitors navigate through your website to accomplish specific tasks.  See where they struggle with content and special features while listening to their comments during these encounters.  

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