SEO & Google Analytics for Higher Ed

To use a baseball analogy here, if SEO is your pitcher, Google Analytics is your catcher, evaluating various pitches against different batters to guide his decisions throughout the game.  SEO (organic search) is the primary source of visibility for college websites by prospective students and their parents.  GA allows you to continually enhance your positioning, and reach, through the search engines, primarily Google and Bing.  As a result, Higher Ed institutions can

  • Set SEO benchmarks and measure growth by comparing time periods and assessing various tactics…like the success of getting prospective students to particular areas of your website based on groups of key phrases that you have optimized.
  • Identify high performance organic landing pages, then use SEO tools to analyze ways to improve traffic and rankings by enhancing SEO content, identifying similar keywords to target, improving usability and conversion potential. 
  • Identify low performance organic landing pages that have high potential using SEO tools
  • Connect Search Console to Google Analytics to find keyword opportunities
  • Leverage GA in unison with your keyword research to find search terms that speak to students, parents and alumni in terms of donations, admissions, academic programs, brand, etc. SEO is a never-ending process and Google Analytics is a powerful assistant in that effort. 
  • Utilize Google Analytics as their own private database for market research due to the large volume of SEO-related (organic) traffic, which helps other channels, like Paid Search and Social. 
  • Analyze how SEO performs in the attribution models, what we call “assists” with conversions attributed to other sources.
  • Identify trends for specific groups of organic visitors, like “first time organic visitors that visit the financial aid page”, for remarketing campaigns.

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