Paid Search & Google Analytics for Higher Ed

Back to the baseball analogy.  If SEO is your ace pitcher, then Paid Search (PPC) is your dependable closer, that comes in and just throws strikes.  Very specialized and gets the job done.  Pitches are on target to induce swings.  And just like your SEO pitcher, your GA catcher is driving the strategy for PPC.  With this PPC/GA battery, colleges and universities can

    • Form audience profiles in GA and connect into AdWords for highly targeted remarketing campaigns,
    • Deliver more effective branded search campaigns with controllable messaging to capture students in latter stages of their decision-making process,
    • Deliver more effective non-branded search to build awareness and relationships (build email, mail list),
    • Deliver highly effective geo-targeted campaigns,
    • Target campaigns on all three primary device types,
    • Leverage a highly nimble platform allowing for easy messaging adjustments throughout year as admission calendar changes,
    • Perform isolate specific variables (season, audience, device, geography) to perform “deep dive analysis” into GA to better understand what's working and make data-driven adjustments,
    • Improve PPC performance with respect to conversions, landing page quality, targeted keywords and bid strategies,
    • Dig even deeper into conversion paths where PPC assists conversions to show further value of your investment, which isn’t always right on the surface. 
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