Digital Smartgrowth Program

Sow the seeds for the new student harvest.  Gather a much more bountiful crop of admissions applications by cultivating better with the tools you already have available.  Plant your brand and message firmly in front of the right students during their search.  Enrichen the soil where students grow their knowledge about your institution. 


Beacon developed this 3-month program to help colleges and universities reach, engage, track and acquire new students more effectively using today’s best online tools and methods.


Reach More Students: When students demonstrate serious interest by visiting the Admissions section of your website, keep your brand in front of them even after they leave your website.  Show them branded ads in other digital channels (YouTube, CNN, etc) and make sure you take advantage of low-cost branded paid search ads.


Engage Students Better:  Upgrade Google Analytics so your institution can leverage its power to more effectively engage students and alumni based on their geography, device preferences and how they interact with you through various marketing channels. 


Apply SEO Best Practices:  Use the most current SEO tactics to rank high in the search engines for your school’s most important features and academic areas.  Attract more students at a national level or in specific geographic area. 


Drive More Applications:  Increasing your school’s visibility through SEO, Remarketing and branded paid search will drive more prospective students to your website and consequently, more applications.


Note:  This program is also effective in reaching, engaging and transacting more with alumni.  

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