Google Analytics Upgrades for Higher Education

If you haven’t upgraded to Universal Analytics, it’s time.  For Higher Ed, it will enable you to
    • get a clearer picture of actual user totals (using UserID),
    • improve marketing channel attribution & cycle time for conversions (session unification), and
    • provide expanded use of Custom Dimensions for audience segmentation and prospect categorization.  
The required setup for a Universal upgrade includes
    • Inventory of GA code implementations,
    • Create code syntax updates across the board,
    • New code snippets for additional data points (optional),
    • Installation of code updates (and removal of old code),
    • Testing & validation.
Once Universal GA is in place, you can implement User-ID capabilities which will require:
    • GA administrative configuration updates
    • Database that captures user email addresses, generates User-IDs, and additional code to interface with Google Analytics.
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