Custom GA Integrations for Higher Education

The basic Google Analytic configuration certainly provides a lot of valuable data and insights, but the real power comes from customizing it to meet your specific needs.

Custom Dimensions can be very powerful for Higher Ed. They can allow for audience segmentation (prospective students, prospective - undergrad, prospective - graduate, alumni, current students, etc.).  This allows colleges to also categorize prospects based on their level of engagement with the website (prospect, qualified prospect, lead).

Dual Tracking (Rollups):  Most every institution struggles with providing unique reports for the various departments AND at the university level.  Creating “Rollups” helps solve this issue, which we achieve using dual tracking tactics.   

Adwords:  By integrating Adwords into Google Analytics, schools can build very targeted remarketing audiences.  Given the typical high traffic volume for colleges and universities, it’s easier to meet the required 500 user threshold with a good mix of audiences – making remarketing a strong dynamic digital source in Higher Ed, with the ability to apply geographic filters as well. 

Event Tracking:  A good example for Higher Ed is learning what prospective students do before submitting an application.  What are common precursors for completing an admissions application?  Identify appropriate non-page activities, configure & install event tracking snippets, then setup reports that cross-reference events with conversions.  Event Tracking is great way to identify activities that are not specifically correlated to a page view.

SITE SEARCH:  Integrate your site search tool of choice into Google Analytics in order to utilize report filters.  This will enable you to assess searches on various key phrases and topics to help drive usability improvements.  For Higher Ed, we see a lot of searches for "calendars".  Get a better understanding of what types of calendars that students, parents and alumni are searching for, then introduce navigation changes to reduce the steps (clicks) to reach them.

GAFUSION:  This proprietary Beacon product allows colleges and universities to feed admissions and enrollment data into GA as conversions and eCommerce transactions.  Hence, you can leverage the power of Google Analytics to associate enrollment dollars with website activity in a clear way for your institution’s stakeholders.

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