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Analytics for Higher Education

  • How to Use Google Analytics in Higher Ed

    Given the volume of traffic and variety of audiences, Google Analytics for colleges & universities is tricky if you want to get the most out of it.  Learn about the various GA upgrades, custom integrations and GA reporting options for Higher Education to really leverage GA in driving decisions.  We also provide some tracking tips and how to connect admissions data back into your Google Analytics implementations.  <more> 

  • Digital Marketing for Higher Ed

    Every website owner wants more qualified visitors, leads and sales.  Higher Ed is no different, seeking qualified students, admissions applications and enrollment.  But this "sales funnel" is longer for colleges and universities, so success depends on strong, continuous student engagement fueled by data-driven digital marketing. 


    Attract and engage new students more effectively using today’s best online tools and methods.  With 18+ years under our belt, Beacon marries deep expertise in digital marketing for Higher Education, including SEO, Paid Search, Google Analytics, student experience and engagement to get the most out of your website. <more> 

  • Tracking Tips For Colleges & Universities

    There are tricks to every trade.  We share some tracking tips for some of the more common uses within colleges and universities.  Learn to segment your audiences, utilize rollups for departmental and university level reporting, track non-page view activities and admissions applications.  Learn how GAFUSION ties actual submitted applications and enrollment back to actions that prospective students perform on your website.   <more>

  • Student Experience & Engagement

    Colleges and universities have a business model that is really tailored for the web.  With a consistent flow of prospective students and typically 4 years of "active" current students, the underlying data is vast and incredibly valuable.  Online tracking reveals insights about student engagement (positives and negatives), while surveys and user testing get to the heart of the online student experience.


    Progressive institutions have recently recognized the value and are gaining advantages as a result.  Competition for new students will become increasingly fierce over the coming years, so it's time to take steps in that direction.  Learn more about our base programs and studies.  <more>

  • GAFUSION: What Drives Admissions?

    GAFUSION was originally created for Beacon's ecommerce customers, to connect in-store sales to online marketing efforts.  In other words, it helps retailers assess the results of their marketing budget more accurately by bring both online AND offline sales together in one place. 


    Higher Ed is grappling with the same issue, tying admissions and enrollment (offline) to online marketing activities.  Colleges and universities can now use the same tool to leverage Google Analytics' powerful database and reporting engine to drive marketing campaigns & budgets more effectively.  <more>

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