Google Analytics 360 (Premium)

While Universal and Async are “free”, Premium (which is now called Google Analytics 360) comes with a significant annual license fee.  It is Google’s solution to a robust analytics platform, enabling significantly greater insight into user behaviors and granular acquisition paths.

While GA 360 brings more horsepower and powerful new features, it still has that same "Google Analytics" look and feel.  Enhanced insights to support your business decisions with a minimal learning curve!

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User Identification:  Analytics has evolved to focus on users, rather than visits or clicks, using cookies.  Now you can set a persistent User ID to connect the same user across multiple sessions, browsers, platforms - even if their cookies are deleted.  Consequently, you gain visibility into the behavior of repeat customers and can optimize your marketing strategy on KPIs such as customer lifetime value. Learn how your customers engage with your content across different browsers and devices via an exclusive set of cross-device reports.

Measurement Protocol:  Using Google Analytics Measurement Protocol, you can integrate your CRM data and/or offline (in-store) sales within Google Analytics 360 by tying the information to a unique identifier (User ID) so that you can more accurately assess both online and offline relationships.  Integrating call-tracking takes it up another notch to better understand what channels, campaigns, keywords produce the best results for your call center.   

Data Sampling & Accuracy:  GA 360 helps overcome the issue of data sampling in the free versions by allowing 50 times more sessions in any report (50M vs 500K).  With more data involved in the process, accuracy improves dramatically.  Get faster access to unsampled data.  Lastly, using the Google Analytics BigQuery integration, you can obtain full unsampled data and export unaggregated reports containing up to 3 million rows of data.

Data Collection:  GA 360 provides increased data limits, starting at 1 billion hits per month, and up to 20 billion.  As tracking user behavior becomes more fine-tuned (page views, screen views, events, transactions, etc.), the higher data limits drives deeper insights on a wider range of KPIs.  In addition, real time collection occurs in up to 4 hours (intra-day), as compared to the 24 hours it takes with the other versions. 

Custom dimensions and metrics:  GA 360 allows up to 200 Custom Dimensions and 200 Custom Metrics ON TOP OF the 300+ default of the free versions.

Dedicated Support:  GA 360 comes with dedicated account management, phone/email support 10 hours per day (Monday-Friday), implementation consultation, training and 24/7 emergency escalation.

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