GA:  Tracking Tips

Session Continuity

Here is a great tip on how to assess session continuity. You may need to check cross-domain, main site to subdomain, or some other setup. Start with the Google URL builder, and create a traffic source that is unique. Load your landing page with the tagged URL to begin your new website session. Follow your clicks in the Real-Time Content report, filtering for your traffic source. If your tracking is configured correctly, then you should continue to see your pageview data load successfully.

User Interaction Indicators

As the website owner, you may have added certain content or calls-to-action that you hope result in conversions. If you have multiple instances of a call-to-action on a page, it is a best practice to configure event tracking with each instance. By doing so, you can compare the user response to each placement, and make page edits, if necessary.

Perhaps certain interactions indicate the user is self-identifying into an audience. Configuring a new data dimension for that audience, and tagging the interaction points, will help build audience-based reporting in Google Analytics. Additionally, that new data set can be used for future remarketing campaigns.

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