GA Reporting Tips

Advanced Segments

A great tool for granular analysis. Get more out of advanced segments by creating sequence-based segments. For example, you may be curious about a particular page or event’s impact on a goal conversion point. Configure an advanced segment that requires the pageview or event in question, and then denote that it must be followed by the goal completion you are analyzing. This will result in data reporting for that subset of visitors. You will be able to assess what percentage of goal completions were preceded by that previous activity.

Custom Dashboards and Reports

When creating dashboard widgets, start with the report you wish to reference. Doing so creates a link between the widget and the report. Once the widget is created, you will have the ability to add whatever filters you require. Our clients have found dashboards with linked widgets to be great starting points when performing analysis for their purposes.

Custom reporting comes in handy when wanting to aggregate data metrics such as goal completions. It is great that many standard reports in Google Analytics allow you to toggle between goal conversion points. However, you may have some data dimensions that could result in more than one conversion type. Build a custom report that includes each potential goal conversion point as a metric. This creates a more efficient conversion analysis for those dimensions.

Automated Report Delivery

Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not provide a mechanism to remind website owners when automated reports are going to expire. When utilizing automated report delivery, it is a best practice to set a calendar reminder to extend the life of the delivery beyond the original timeline.

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