Google Analytics Setup & Configuration Review

During a Google Analytics setup and configuration review, Beacon will assess whether your base settings are in place to accomplish your tracking needs. Some of the main settings that we focus on are:

Google Analytics Code Version:  The version of Google Analytics code you’re on controls a lot about the type of data you collect. The latest version of tracking code, Universal, uses a newer JavaScript library and enables more user-focused data collection. It also unlocks new features in GA, such as Enhanced E-commerce reporting and Custom Metrics and Dimensions, allowing you to drill down more into your web data.

Google Analytics Code Installation:  Google Analytics tracking code is usually installed one of two ways: hardcoded directly into the HTML of your site or integrated in your site code through Google Tag Manager. Each has its merits depending on your business needs and both options are analyzed to determine if the current install method is the best for you.

Account/Property/View Relationship:  The Views present in each Property makes up your Account.  When we review the architecture of Properties and Views, we’re usually checking for two things:

  • Domains: Does the current setup work on the domain(s) tracked? Is there a need for cross-domain and dual tracking? Is the data currently coming in clean considering the web properties you own and have tracking code on?
  • Testing: Do the current active Properties and Views give you enough room to test new code or new features without putting your main data at risk? Are you able to troubleshoot code in your website’s test environment? Is there a need for more Views in order to facilitate custom reporting for key stakeholders?

Base View & Property Settings:  A broad topic, your base account settings control much about how your out-of-the-box data comes into GA and how it’s displayed. But although “basic”, many of these settings are extremely important and Beacon will review them for accuracy and correctness. Items like your time zone, country, homepage URL, and BOT filtering can all drastically change the data shown in your core GA reports so these settings are reviewed at the Property and View level to ensure they’re setup and correct.

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