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The reason almost all companies are on the web: to make money. With Google Analytics’ reporting and ROI features, you’re able to more precisely capture and measure your website and digital marketing’s return on ad spend, but only if it’s setup and utilized properly in GA.

Attribution Models:  Google is setup to give last-click attribution by default. This means that the last traffic source that delivers a conversion gets credit. However, for many companies this model is either too simple or too limiting. For this reason, Google released the Attribution Model feature in GA where you can setup new attribution methods and see how alternative models stack up. Obviously the model you choose can drastically change the ROI of each traffic source. Attribution Model usage (or lack thereof) will be reviewed in your assessment.

Data Import & GAFUSION:  The ability to import non-Google data only ads to your ability to connect the dots on the user’s journey to purchase. By using the data import feature, you can pull the following valuable data points into GA:

  • Refund Data
  • Cost Data
  • User Data
  • Campaign Data
  • Geography Data
  • Content Data
  • Product Data
  • Custom Data

Connecting online activity to in-store sales is another valuable data import feature that allows you to see the true ROI of your online spend. As creators of a proprietary solution, GAFUSION, that does just that, Beacon will analyze the viability of GAFUSION as a solution for you and suggest it, along with other data import upgrades, if needed.

Custom and Executive Level Reports:  We realize that every business makes decisions based on different factors.  So it's common for our clients to have special reporting requirements.  Beacon will review your custom reporting setup in respect to their ability to drive and support your unique business decisions. 

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