GA Integration & Feature Analysis

The real power of Google Analytics comes from connecting it to other Google products and customizing your tracking. When reviewing your integration and feature analysis, Beacon will analyze your usage of the following:

Google Product Integrations:  Links to Google products, such as Search Console and Google AdWords, augment the data available to you in Google Analytics. Beacon will check that you’ve connected to these Google products properly and ensure data accuracy

Site Search:  Site search is one of the primary ways site users directly tell you what they want and need. By not having site search setup, you are ignoring an important site feature that, when used properly, can double and triple conversion rate. Your site search setup will be reviewing for proper data collection.

User-Level Data Points:  You need to know more about your users in order to customize their web experience and increase retention and conversions. The only way to know more is to collect more—data that is! Google gives you multiple tools that allow for robust data collection. Set these up properly and you’ll be able to answer your most burning questions, like what site features assist conversions, what your “Top Buyer” profile looks like, and how multiple devices play into the buying cycle.

During Beacon’s audit, we review the following to understand your advanced user data collection:

  • User ID Reporting
  • Cross-device Reporting
  • Custom Dimensions and Metrics
  • Navigation-Based Events
  • User-based Events

Conversions & Funnels:  Every good website has goals such as completing a contact form or purchasing an item.  These are called "conversions" and the path to get there is called the "funnel".  During an audit, Beacon will review you micro and macro goal conversion configurations, along with their funnels (if pertinent), to understand your tracking opportunities and misses. Conversion tracking also includes a review of your e-commerce tracking and funnels (if you’re an e-commerce sit) and reporting on data accuracy.

Content Groupings:  Out-of-the-box, Google Analytics will track views of site pages but doesn’t provide much sorting and organization until you leverage Content Groupings. Content Groupings is a View-level setting that allows you to set how you’d like your content (pageview) reports organized and it does so without being trapped by the built-in taxonomy of your site. However, most sites don’t user this powerful feature. And most that do, don’t use it correctly which can lead to messy tracking. Worried about this feature? Don’t. It’ll be checked in our audit.

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