Working with 3rd Party Developers

Beacon does not require a web development relationship, in order to be a Google Analytics resource for clients. We have a process for interfacing with 3rd party web development teams, when working to improve the analytics capabilities for client websites.

Separation of Responsibilities

First, we make it known that we do not need access to the website’s content management system at any point in the project. This reassures each client that they will not have to manage multiple vendors in their CMS. It also notes that the implementation of code updates lies solely on the team already responsible for website updates.

Technical Code Installation Documentation

Once all updated Google Analytics tracking code has been specified and formulated, we provide the client with a technical code installation document. This document notes affected URLs & page elements, requested code snippets, and instructions for how the code should function. Probably one of the most important steps in the process, we prefer to participate in a call between Beacon and the 3rd party team to review all documentation before implementation begins.

If Google Tag Manager is being utilized, then the interface between Beacon and the third party is minimized.

Testing & Validation

Once the 3rd party team has made code updates, we go through an itemized checklist for testing and validation. Not only do we confirm the code updates on the website, but we run through a number of tests with each newly tracked item in Google Analytics. It is critical to make sure that new tracking had not disrupted any existing tracking. Each project typically includes one or two rounds of revisions, if needed.

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