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A river of data flows beneath every website, but for colleges and universities, fishing that river can be challenging without good insights about the target, or experience with the right tools.  We see tracking and reporting blunders in Google Analytics quite often due to all the different audiences, devices, website properties, marketing channels and sheer volume of activity that occurs under Higher Ed websites.  So how do you find, attract and land the keepers?

The data is there, and it is plentiful!  So take the time to configure and use Google Analytics specifically for your college and to ensure data accuracy.  Bad data drives bad decisions.  Rather than just watch the fish swim by, study their actions, understand their tendencies, and engage the best ones more effectively.  Here are four popular support packages that are designed to help you get the most out of your Google Analytics implementation.

The process can be overwhelming.  Look for trends, anomalies and nuggets of information by comparing data over time, by audience and geography.  Then is how you turn your data into actionable insights that drive better decisions. 

TUNE UP:  This one-time “Tune-up” will validate your Google Analytics setup, then apply updates to improve data accuracy, tracking and reporting.

ESSENTIALS:  Add to your tune-up with Essentials to get ongoing support for the most critical Google Analytics features, enhanced tracking, reporting & select areas for ongoing analysis.

FULL SERVICE:  All the Essentials, plus Full Service consultative support, broader analysis, multiple customer reporting dashboards & expertise on higher-end features of GA.

CONSULTING:  Get a block of Consulting hours to tap Beacon’s GA Specialists for adhoc support with special project, tracking problems, reporting issues & account management.

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