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With on-going GA Reporting, our team of experts spend time each month reviewing the data and providing insights and analysis based off of the findings. Reports are generally customized based on client needs and wants but also provide basic information such as traffic volume from channel sources, visitor behavior, pageviews, conversions, revenue and more. Not only are actual numbers provided but charts and analysis are as well.  

Whether your site was designed for lead generation or ecommerce, our GA reports provide insights into your visitors and their behavior. We use the data to determine how qualified visitors are and how to improve conversion rates to increase leads or revenue. With every report we strive to give an accurate account of what is currently happening on the site and what can be done to continue to improve it and drive more qualified traffic.

Unless reporting on a company’s fiscal year instead calendar months, on-going reports are sent out by the 10th of each month. This allows time for Beacon and the client to get together via conference call to discuss the findings and strategy for the month. The same holds true for quarterly and yearly reporting.

Examples of reports we provide are:

  • A baseline position report which details the websites current standings which helps to set the stage for future reporting and improvements
  • End of Month Reports detailing monthly stats and conversions. Based on client      needs, these reports can be customized to provide current stats as well as YOY and MOM reporting.
  • Quarterly reporting which details how the website is doing each quarter versus      monthly.
  • Yearly Reporting which recaps the past year of data compared to the previous year.

Our experts are constantly evaluating the data within the standard reports, via adhoc queries as they pursue insights, and through what we call "deep dives" into specific areas that need attention.  It's all about turning the data into information to benefit the business, which happens by identifying trends and anomolies, monitoring competitors, then recognizing the associated opportunities... and most importantly, taking action.

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