GAFUSION puts Google Analytics on steroids and finally allows marketers to quantify how online marketing impacts offline conversions like in-store sales, college admissions applications, college enrollment, call center transactions.

Approved by Google and with a patent pending, it is the only subscription-based product that centralizes ALL your transactions (online, in-store, call center) under Google Analytics and can connect offline sales transactions to online marketing efforts. 

The demand for GAFUSION is high and our client list is growing fast.  We have already processed several hundred million dollars since GAFUSION was launched in 2014, providing centralized analytics and more complete attribution modeling.Marketers know that online marketing impacts in-store (offline) activity, but impossible to measure... until now.  If you depend on data to drive your business decisions, GAFUSION™ is a game-changer.

As one of the longest-standing Google Analytics Certified Partners in the country, Beacon developed GAFUSION™ such that offline transactions can leverage the tremendous reporting and segmentation capabilities of Google Analytics while also tying them back to online user activity.  It accomplishes this through its proprietary collection and matching software.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Try GAFUSION™ for 30 days without any cost to you (absolutely no strings!).  You can be up-and-running in as little as a week.

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