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Google Analytics Overview

  • Versions & Features: What's the Diff?

    When it comes to your Google Analytics setup, you have choices. One of the first ones you must make is whether you need the free Standard version of Google Analytics or Google’s premium analytics package, GA 360 Suite. Another decision you must make involves the type of tracking code you site is tagged with: Async (“Classic”) and Universal. Universal Analytics is the most current but many sites are still using the Classic code base.

    Unsure if you need Standard or Universal Analytics? Unsure why you’d use Universal Analytics rather than Classic? Learn more about Google Analytics’ versions & features.

  • GA Strategy: Get an Audit!

    Data trustworthiness and missed tracking opportunities are some of the biggest issues we see with Google Analytics setups. But you don’t know how to fix these issues unless you know their full extent. Beacon’s Google Analytics Audit gives you the business insight you need in order to understand your current setup, fix issues or blind spots, and analyze upgrade opportunities. Based on the audit results, we’re also able to help you plan a roadmap that leverages Google Analytics to its fullest and provides insight that is custom to your business. Interested in learning more? Read about our GA Audit offering.

  • GA Setup: The Basics + Advanced Use

    Out of the box, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides basic reporting on stats like traffic volume, user engagement, device usage, and user location.  However, Google Analytics’ real power shines in Advanced setups that give you the ability to track conversions and sales, segment by user type, and understand site features that increase user engagement and retention.  You can then pivot this data against each other to uncover hidden opportunities that you can use to make your business more profitable.  Interested in seeing what Google Analytics can really do?  Learn more about basic and advanced Google Analytics setup and usage.

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Get More From Google Analytics

  • GA Tips for Success

    Data-driven decisions are only as good as the data they’re based on. And the data you have relies on the data you’re collecting in Google Analytics. Nervous you’re not collecting all the data you need? Beacon has completed over 200 Google Analytics installations and along the way has learned integration, installation, reporting and tracking tips to get the most out of Google Analytics. If you need to get more, our GA Tips for Success can help take you to the next level.

  • Ongoing Support: Consistency & Accuracy

    Managing the collection and accuracy of your Google Analytics data is an on-going process. Almost every time your website changes, there’s an opportunity to both corrupt and augment your Google Analytics tracking.

    From small releases to those that span site-wide, Google Analytics code can break, causing you to miss out on valuable user data. And even if tracking code doesn’t break, you need someone tasked with ensuring that with each release, all new site features are fully tracked so that you can measure their effect on the bottom line.  

    If you’re serious about leveraging Google Analytics, then on-going GA support & management should be something you’re focusing on. Whether you have an internal team or need to partner with GA experts, Beacon has support packages, training and consulting options to make sure your GA data collections is always consistent and accurate.

  • GAFUSION: GA for In-Store Sales.

    Do you know the true ROI of your online ad spend?  When your customers have the ability to convert both online and offline (in-store purchase, call-center purchase, etc.), tracking and analyzing online data is only half the puzzle.  What you need is the ability to connect a user’s online experience to an offline sale.  And with Beacon’s proprietary offering, GAFUSION, you can do just that.

    GAFUSION gives you the ability to calculate the true ROI of your digital marketing efforts by connecting online activity to in-store sales.  By doing so, you’ll know which digital mediums are working and which aren’t, giving you the ability to reallocate marketing funds and generate more revenue with the marketing dollars you already have.  In addition, connecting online to in-store also gives you visibility into your true sales cycle, value of a customer, purchase indicators, and more. 

    To complete your marketing puzzle, see how GAFUSION could work for you.

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