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Beacon is one of the longest standing Google Analytics Consulting Partners in the country, having been selected by Google after a long arduous qualification and selection process in 2007. We are very proud of this distinction as it was no easy task to achieve, requiring demonstrated success and written case studies as part of the process.

We are here to help you with your Google Analytics support needs - whether it be setup, configuration, reporting, segmentation, tracking or educating your internal staff. As a Google Analytics Partner, we have access to a large devoted network of GA experts and Google staff, so if we haven't already seen your particular issue, we are sure we can resolve it (and welcome the challenge!). As your business grows, your Google Analytics support needs will evolve. As a long-time Google Analytics partner, you can be sure Beacon will be here to service your hanging needs.

Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors find you and how they interact with your website. By using this information properly, you can focus your marketing resources more effectively on initiatives that deliver the results you seek in terms of sales, lead generation and ROI (Return on Investment).

Beacon is particularly strong at setting up the following and providing funnel analysis:

  • Ecommerce Tracking Module to correlate revenue transaction information with marketing channels
  • Internal Site Search analysis functionality to tie visitor searches to goals, transactions, and revenue.
  • Adwords Integration to tie cost to revenue by keyword
  • Goal Tracking for non-ecommerce conversions

Google Analytics Support, Setup & Configuration

Setup and Installation

There are several factors to consider when setting up Google Analytics. During our initial consultation and site review with you, we discuss current marketing strategy, objectives and desired metrics (goals, key performance indicators, report needs, etc.) so that we fully understand the business, success factors, and custom requirements. Using this information, Beacon develops a comprehensive strategy to ensure you get the most from your Google Analytics data.

Based on the reporting, segmentation and profiling requirements, Beacon configures and applies proper Google Analytics tracking code throughout your website and applies any sub-domain or cross domain Google Analytics tracking to accurately track visitors across all segments of your website(s). Filters and profiles for segmentation of data are also installed along with the appropriate access administration and individual user settings.

Beacon performs the development/installation of any user defined segmentations, such as member activity versus non-member activity or tracking unique marketing landing pages or other marketing channels. Manual tagging scripts are also applied as needed, effectively applying ecommerce data and tracking information to any desired marketing channels (existing, email, PPC, online, etc.).

Ecommerce Integration

Google Analytics provides all the data you need to run effective campaigns for your ecommerce store. With the advanced ecommerce installation, Google Analytics can pull your revenue data from transactions that take place in your ecommerce engine. This allows you to target higher ROI channels and products. 

The ecommerce setup for Google Analytics requires some web development knowledge and Beacon has the experience and technical capabilities to properly setup and install this more advanced feature. Our Digital Marketing Specialists are constantly analyzing the ecommerce data available in Google Analytics to get more from our campaign budget.

Adwords Integration

Our Google Analytics support specialists can also import your Google Adwords costs for specific keywords. This allows you to see the actual cost-versus-revenue data for each keyword so you can make better decisions on how to utilize your budget and avoid wasting dollars on phrases that don't meet your ROI requirements.

Conversion Metrics

Every website has goals, whether it is filling out a contact form or purchasing an item. These are called "conversions", and the frequency of these is only the beginning of conversion metrics. Beacon can help you identify and establish your site's conversion triggers. Google Analytics helps us to identify specific goal paths that drive the highest conversion rates and help direct your site's traffic through these specific paths. We also use goal funneling to determine where your visitors are dropping out of these conversion paths. These weak areas are monitored and adjusted to steadily increase the number of conversions and grow revenue.

IP and Website Filtering

If you have large volumes of internal traffic or visits from external sites within your network, your analytics may be skewed. You may need Google Analytics filters set up based on traffic coming from another website, specific IP addresses or from a particular directory within your site. These filters can be especially beneficial for companies that have multiple networks spanning the globe because of the high volumes of visitor data.

Custom Report Creation

Effective Google Analytics support doesn’t end with setup and installation. Beacon works with you to set up custom reports in Google Analytics that will drive and support your business decisions. These reports are automated for regular delivery so your key performance indicators are always at your fingertips. 

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