User Experience Analysis for Ecommerce

When customers visit your website, are they impressed? Are they frustrated?  Find out what they really like, what drives them crazy and what they wish you had.  How?  Ask them directly through surveys, focus group sessions and live online user testing.  It's important to stay in tune with your customers.  Their answers may surprise you.  The Strategy Phase for Retailers & Wholesalers includes the following:


  • Interviews and/or focus group sessions are conducted with various groups such as frequent buyers, new customers, long-term customers, prospective customers or stakeholder groups. 


  • Customer Email Surveys use a standard set of questions that are customized to get answers that will inform design and business practices.  Surveys are designed so that they can be completed quickly.  It's easy to send out surveys and collect data, but the value lies in asking the right questions and being able to turn that data into information that will improve results.  At the end of the survey period, Beacon provides you with all the details, along with consolidated summaries and valuable insights.   


  • Live Online User Testing.  Watch how real customers shop in your online store - how they navigate through your website to search for a specific item, how they step through your checkout process, or what they do before putting an item in their shopping cart.  It's like you are looking over their shoulder as they struggle with content, navigation and special features.  It's a great way to quickly learn how to improve their experience within your online store.

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