Marketing Review & Analysis for Ecommerce

Your website (online stores) is at the center of your marketing strategy.  Marketing occurs away from your website (search engines, social media, display ads, direct mail, TV, etc.), but it also occurs ON your website.  Once a customer lands on your website, you are still marketing to them (user experience, engagement).  So your brand and messaging must be solid, effective and consistent throughout the process. 

Where are the gaps in your marketing strategy?  Is your brand being communicated consistently across the many touch points with your customers? 

It's extremely important for Retailers & Wholesalers to take a step back and review the creative design, branding and marketing effectiveness from many different angles:  your current website structure, content, marketing collateral, communications materials, imagery, site search, product reviews, recommendations and product presentation (detail pages, listing pages).  Where are their inconsistencies and opportunities to improve your brand?  This process establishes a foundation and understanding of your current branding and marketing practices, while opening the doors to new creative ideas that will drive your new website design.

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