Designing Your Online Store

Valuable nuggets have been discovered in the data.  Your customers have spoken.  You've defined your goals and thoroughly evaluated your current situation to produce a strong strategic plan for your company's new website.  Now it's time to come up with a design that

  • conveys your messages succinctly,
  • engages many different audiences,
  • drives customers to what they want (and checkout),
  • is visually appealing and feature-rich,
  • organizes hundreds, thousands of products,
  • considers product filtering functionality,
  • considers product reviews & recommendations,
  • functions seamlessly across many different browsers and devices,
  • is easy for your customers to navigate,
  • maintains brand integrity,
  • meets 508 Compliance standards,
  • follows W3C best practices,
  • is SEO-friendly,
  • is easy to maintain (content, products, orders, status),
  • tracks activity to support critical decision-making, especially marketing,
  • puts you ahead of your competitors,
  • and, serves as the centerpiece of your marketing strategy.

It's a tall order, a challenge, but there are no options if you want to be successful.  Our Creative Design Team's experience and creative juices deliver custom graphics around a well-conceived content map.  This Site Hierarchy Diagram visually depicts the navigation schema for the website, focusing on the various product categories, listing pages and detail pages.   

For ecommerce sites, there can be design limitations with the base software.  So it is important to understand these limitations and if additional customimzation is necessary.  Typically, as the creative elements and structure are defined, the visual design moves from concepts to wireframes to creative mockups (layered Photoshop files), along with a web style guide.  The Development Phase is usually the most expensive, so attention to detail during the Design Phase is important to keep the overall cost down.  This is a very collaborative and iterative process, which Beacon guides you through, to produce a unique, custom and device-friendly design.

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