Important:  Site Content/Product Map

Although many in the industry refer to it as a Site/Content Map, we have always used the term, “Site Hierarchy Diagram”.  It provides an easy-to-understand and VISUAL representation of how the website content and more importantly, your products, are organized from the home page to the main category landing pages to the lower category detail pages.  It's a pseudo blueprint that allows you to group common content within the visual flow of the navigational components (global, local, topic and utility levels).  Note that Beacon’s version does not serve as a complete content inventory of all pages, but focuses on major content groupings. 

Why is this important?  It's the starting point that feeds design and development.  Everything else is built upon it.  You will also find, particularly with online stores, that it forces you to define your business goals and how you are going to market effectively to your online customers. 

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